12 Week Bespoke Coaching That Will Leave You Feeling Fit, Strong & Proud


Fall In Love With Movement & Your Body Again

Get Strong - Inside and Out

Experience Freedom That Comes From Having Body Confidence &'Hell-Fucking-Yes' Mojo

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Yes, YOU. 

The gorgeous one.  The one who, right now doesn't quite believe it when I say you are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!

I know what you're thinking - instead of feeling gorgeous you feel a little tired, frumpy and let down by your body.  The last time you felt HOT or SEXY was when Madonna was rocking out the finger gloves circa 1990.

Your body has become a source of disappointment for you, and even though you tick the boxes when it comes to 'eating well' and exercising, you still look in the mirror and wish for it to look different.

In fact, not only do you wish it to look different you have a DEEP DESIRE to FEEL different.

That time has come. 

No  more fluffing around or making half-assed attempts.

You want to create a MASSIVE CHANGE in your life.

No, you NEED to create a MASSIVE CHANGE  in your life.

And NOW is the time for you to MAKE SHIFT HAPPEN!



Nothing happens by accident.

You landed on this page for a reason.

No doubt you have taken numerous steps (sideways, forwards, missteps) to get where you are right now.

Perhaps you have gone on dozens of diets, spent time and money with Personal Trainers, invested in tons of Lululemon active wear (and of course a pretty Kikki-K journal), all with the INTENT of improving your body.

Sure, you may have seen some results, but they have always been fleeting and temporary.

And everytime you feel yourself slipping back into old habits you get annoyed and frustrated at yourself for 'failing' again (and again, oh and yet again).

fade-leftfade-right"FAILING" DOES NOT MAKE YOU A FAILURE!!

Every 'failure' you have had is actually a learning.  Yes this is a cliche BUT it's TRUE.

Every attempt at bettering yourself, improving your body shape and feeling better has given you valuable information about YOU!

We build on this information.

We turn everything you have done in the past into a guide for how you approach the future.


Yes, John Meyer was right.

YOUR body is a wonderland.  Do you know how remarkable it is?  You might not be able to see it yet but your body is pretty fucking amazing.  It might not look or feel amazing just yet, but the potential is definitely there.

With just the right tools EVERY BODY has the potential to experience being fit, lean, strong and healthy.

This is not reserved for some lucky people with good genetics - this is possible for EVERYONE - that means YOU too.

Explore the possibilities of what your body is capable of doing and feeling.  Use your body as a way of creating powerful change.

Trust your body.  Nurture it.

Create Some Alchemy With The 12 Wk Bespoke Coaching Program

alchemy /alkemi/:

:a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination

There is no magic or secret ingredient to what we do; however you will find MAGIC in your transformation.

The act of ALCHEMY is to take YOU and transform you into the best version of yourself.  In the 12 week program we do not try and turn you into somebody else.


That means that every single tool that we use, from the Movement plans to the Lifestyle playbooks, to the journal prompts are totally unique to YOU.

The magic happens when YOU are empowered with the right tools and information to suit YOUR body and lifestyle.

The Details

Every program is custom designed to you however there are foundation elements that everyone receives when they join:


    A functional movement screen is a series of exercises that we use to test your movement capabilities.  This is not like one of those horrible P.E class tests.  Over Skype we will coach through what movements to do, and we will assess your movement in real time.

    This reason we do this is to give us an accurate picture of how your body moves, where you are tight and restricted and what area needs to be improved on.  Once armed with this information we can tailor the correct exercise and movement plan to your body.

    When exercise and movement is specifically targeted towards your body you will expect to see accelerated results that not only improve the way you function and look but most importantly the way you feel!


    Over the course of 12 weeks you will be given either 2 or 3 different training programs that are specific to your Functional Movement Screen, Lifestyle Assessment, and personal preferences.

    These workouts or training plans will all include resistance training workouts, interval workouts, specific postural correction exercises and mobilisation exercises (don’t worry if this jargon doesn’t make sense – we explain everything in detail).

    Cookie cutter programs throw ineffective and unsound programs at people.  On the contrary the custom programs we write are efficient, scientific and proven to get you the results you want whilst keeping you safe, healthy and sane!!!

    Nobody has the time to spend hours at the gym; by keeping our workouts efficient and effective you can maximise your results in the shortest amount of time possible.


    What’s a PLAYBOOK you ask?  A Playbook is a guide that documents all the objectives and strategies that you need to do in order to make the ‘play’.  The ‘play’ in this case being all the action steps you need to perform to transform yourself.

    Many people fail to follow through on exercise programs or eating plans because they become overwhelmed, distracted or confused.

    These playbooks will help you maintain clarity and focus so that you are confident in your ability to create magic!


    The Body IQ Lifestyle Assessment is an in depth 60 question assessment that measures the 6 pillars of health – sleep, stress, nourishment, movement, mindset and body love.

    For too long you have been mislead into believing that ‘exercise’ and ‘nutrition’ are the keys to success.  Yes they are important but only within the larger equation of whole body health.

    It is crucial to understand the direct influence your lifestyle habits have on how your body functions, looks and feels so that you can make the best decisions for yourself on a daily basis.


    Having someone to answer to each week is extremely powerful.  It keeps you accountable and it gives you an opportunity to chat about any issues or obstacles you may be facing.

    Each week you will have either a Skype or phone call with myself, or a member of my team who will offer advice and support.

    You will NOT be left to flounder on your own.  You will get the intimate support you need, exactly how you need.  Sometimes we will challenge you and call you out on your stories and bullshit, and other times we will be there to give you big virtual high fives and hugs.

    Regardless of what you need we are your cheerleader, teacher, mentor, personal trainer and loving ass-kicker all rolled into one for you.


    It goes without saying that having a clear idea of what you want to achieve and WHY you want to achieve it is the lynchpin for your success.

    At Freedomolgy we focus on both Outcome based goals – the big goal that you want to achieve as well as Behavioural goals.  Many programs only focus on the outcome without giving you the ‘how’ to get there.

    Why is it that many people fail to reach their goals?  It is because they don’t have a clear ‘why’ or vision, they lack desire and they neglect to change their habits.

    Success really is the sum of great habits done consistently over a period of time.

    Together we create realistic weekly Behavioural goals that will help you transform your bad habits into good ones so that you are successful.

Why You Should Totally Do This Program

In one word here's why:  FREEDOM.

By committing to this 12 week program you will be committing to creating FREEDOM in your life.  Let me ask you a question 'how many times have you allowed your body to STOP you from doing the things you wanted?".

How many times have you avoided going out with friends, not gone swimming, avoided having photos taken, not put your hand up for a raise, not played in the park, postponed travel and shrunk yourself because of how you feel?

How often have you found yourself feeling stuck, restricted or limited because you aren't confident in your ability or you don't believe you are 'worth it?'.

When you commit to this program you are getting more than a change in the numbers on the scale or a dress size.  Sure these will occur naturally as a result of what we do together but what you get transcends those physical results.

You will experience FREEDOM in your mind, body and soul.  You will feel alive, fit, strong and proud with a healthy dose of 'hell-fucking-yes' magic mojo!

This isn't for everyone ...

When we work with someone we want to make sure that we gel.  It isn't a very fun or effective experience for either of us if we haven't quite clicked.

If there is no clicking there is definitely no magic.

If you are the kind of person who is looking:

  • For quick fixes
  • For pretty meal plans and recipes
  • To restrict calories
  • To get super skinny
  • To detox
  • To quit after a couple of weeks if things aren't going your way
  • For someone to tell you what to do so you don't have to do any work

Then this is not the best fit.  There are many different services that will give you what you are looking for.

The Type Of Woman We Work With

First and foremost we are very clear with who we work with.

Magic is created when there is mutual trust, respect and synergy.  In order for you to enhance your life and become the very best version of you it requires work.

Hard work and effort.

So there are certain things we look for in you!

You are:

  • Ready to commit to a full 12 weeks
  • Ready to challenge yourself
  • Ready to call out your own bullshit and accept responsibility
  • Prepared to step into your power
  • Willing to do what it takes; no excuses
  • Open and honest with yourself and our team
  • Willing to put yourself first
  • Prepared to try new approaches

What Other Wonderful Women Have Said

Working with Nardia was one of the BEST decisions I have ever made in my life.  After a 20 year struggle with disordered eating, I met Nardia at the absolute perfect time.  I was finally at the stage where for the first time ever I was ready to make myself the priority and work through the hard stuff.  In the months working together, she helped me find a voice of confidence that I had never seen before.  She taught me how to set healthy boundaries and not feel like I always had to say yes to everything to my own detriment.  Our calls provided a safe space, where I could speak free of judgement and learn how to love myself, my body and my personality.  The work we did together was invaluable and I am forever grateful to her

Jess Clarke Jess Clarke

I contacted Nardia to help me out of the ‘rut’ I had been in for a couple of years. I used to have an extreme dedication to training based on my sporting aspirations; my life revolved around it, but when those aspirations ceased, so did my dedication. Nardia’s program provided the guidance and routine I needed, however it was her focus on re-training my mindset and my approach to life (not just a fitness program) that resonates with me. I am well out of the ‘rut’ and even more, have made some massive physical and psychological changes which are easily sustainable on my own. Nardia’s authenticity is easily apparent making her approach to the health and fitness industry refreshing. I would highly recommend any of Nardia's programs and specifically her book, Body IQ.

Cass Van Rythoven Cass Van Rythoven

Nardia has taught me that sometimes you have to take a step away to see value and to experience the rewards. She not only sees her clients as people with potential made up of life experiences, she sees them as people with potential each affected by individual circumstance, and with this in mind works to understand how her clients are able to be trained.

Kara Nicholls Kara Nicholls

Since working with Nardia my perspective on everything health and fitness related has taken a major turn. I was in a rut with my training, felt physically exhausted had a painful lower back and mentally had had enough of flogging myself in the gym. Although I was achieving results, I was extremely exhausted and thought that there must be another way. Nardia completely overhauled my training and, after a physical assessment and some tweaks to my lifting, she devised a training program that is literally half of my previous program whilst achieving results I never thought possible. Nardia is the complete package. Her years of experience and passion for educating women has empowered me to break away from societal rules and misconceptions of nutrition and exercise to set and achieve the goals I have long held. Nardia will push you both physically and mentally, call you out on your bullshit and hold you accountable. You will learn things about yourself you never knew possible. Nardia is your personal cheerleader (without the pom poms!) who will help you kick those long desired wellbeing goals into the stratosphere.

Angela Dwyer Angela Dwyer
Holistic Health & Life Coach

As a direct result of working with Nardia I have had several shifts in my thinking,  I know realize that I've been using food in the afternoon to both comfort and provide myself with a type of reward during the busy time after my 'paid job' of caring for 3 primary school aged kids and running the household.  This realisation was valuable to me as only the very next day I started a very simple self care ritual of taking the first 10 minutes of being home after school for me and doing a quick meditation.  By providing myself with some space and something for me (the reward) I found my attitude to the multitude of tasks that were still there was now different and more positive.  I'd increase my resiliency.  
The time when I could really get direct feedback from Nardia was most impactful as she helped 'shine a light' on some of my thought processes and spin things around so that I tried something completely new (ie not caring what I ate in the afternoon).  Just having a simple change to try was great as it got me thinking about how I could do this a bit more in other areas I felt stuck in.

Pauline Rudolph

Finally an integrated, holistic, and women specific approach to overall health and effective long-term fat loss.   Nardia delivers an insightful, engaging, and scientifically based program debunking out-dated fat loss myths, highlighting the keys to good health/well-being, and explaining the scientific truths of why you're really not seeing the results you want in language anyone can understand.  No quick fixes here, just a straight forward and fact-based insight into how to achieve great health, sustainable fat loss and 'find your mojo'.

Andrea Strand

I have been a fitness professional for 6 years.  In this time I have been training with Nardia for 3 years. Her mentoring, knowledge and coaching skills has had a huge influence on me both professionally and personally. I have completely changed my body shape and I feel much more confident in both these areas.

Leanne Tesoriero Leanne Tesoriero

Working with you was so helpful and eye opening. I especially appreciated your personal phone coaching. You challenged my limited beliefs and I like this method because I can continue to do this with myself. I can hold my head up and say I no longer am on A Diet. I see food as nourishing and joyful, no food shame, no body shame. If I snack it's because I was hungry. I write up my weekly health schedule and try a new dinner idea or plan a new walking excursion. I drink water before meals, I dry skin brush before showering, I do small shops so as not to over shop and then throw away stuff. I challenge friends when they put themselves down.

Kerran Edwards Kerran Edwards

3 Steps To get Started

1.  Choose the program that is right for you

2.  Download your welcome pack

3.  Book in  your initial consultation time


Your Investment:

  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Body IQ Lifestyle Assessment
  • Workout/Movement Plans
  • Weekly Email Accountability
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Bespoke Basics

  • WEEKLY COACHING CALL (with assignments)
  • Body IQ Lifestyle Assessment
  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Individualised Workout/Movement Plans
  • BONUS: Success Map Audio Series
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Application Only

Which one is right for you?


    The Bespoke Basic Package:

    This is best if you want a fresh, new, effective training regime.  You feel confident in your abilities and do not need weekly phone call accountability.

    You know how to train hard and put in effort and you want a tailored and effective training program that will produce results.

    This is also recommended for those who have already completed the Sapphire program and are wishing to continue the training.

    Screenshot 2016-07-04 11.03.26

    The Most Popular Choice

    This includes everything in the Basics program but also includes the opportunity to have a coaching call with  a team member on a weekly basis.  The weekly check in will be done via Skype or a phone.

    Each week you will be coached and held accountable for your actions.  Your coach will also be there to help troubleshoot problems, offer suggestions and guide you through the 12 weeks.  This high powered coaching call will help you unlock barriers that have held you back, identify saboteurs and will get to the crux of your behaviours.  These calls are the primary reason why our clients are successful.

    This is the recommended place to start.

    apply now

What Are You Waiting For?  Let's Get Going!!


Nardia is a multi passionate educator and transformer (of humans, not the robot kind).  She helps women become the experts of their body.   Inspiring them to break free from common fitness and nutrition misconceptions that keep them stuck.

Nardia has been a health and fitness influencer for almost 2 decades.  Earning herself the nickname "trainer of trainers", and being known for affecting powerful change. She is the award winning Australian Personal Trainer of the year (2014).

She is also an author, international speaker, and women’s health authority.

Nardia is on a mission to make health and fitness simple and accessible to anybody.  To help people create outer change by creating inner change. This mission is twofold.  The first, to empower every day women to understand and love their body by cultivating their Body IQ (Body Wisdom, Love & Freedom).  The second is to educate conscious Fitness Professional’s to adopt and spread this philosophy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do this if I don't live in the same area?

Absolutely!  All the coaching is done remotely and the training programs are written so that you perform them at home or in your local gym.  This is not face to face training.

Do I have to be a member of a gym?

No you don't however we do recommend that in order to get the most out of this program you have access to some weights.  Whilst bodyweight programs are beneficial you will get greater results by adding weights to your program but we will work with whatever resources you have access to.

Is the information overwhelming?

Initially it may feel like there is a lot of information but we layer it so that you do not get overwhelmed.  In the beginning there is a greater amount of organisation and getting used to the program but as the weeks roll it becomes more streamlined.

What happens if I can't make our scheduled call?

You must provide 24 hours notice of cancellation otherwise you lose the scheduled session.  If enough notice is given then a session can be rescheduled to a time that is suitable for both parties.

These calls are a crucial part of your learning and we suggest that you move heaven and earth to make those calls happen.  Of course we know that sometimes life happens and things pop up unexpectedly however if cancellations happen regularly we will review our working relationship.

How do I see or track my programs?

We use a powerful online training platform called Trainerize.  Within this portal you will have your own membership that shows you all your workout plans.

You can print out your workouts or download the app so they are always with you.  In your membership you will be able to see what we post for you, schedule your sessions, watch exercise video's and so much more!

How do you conduct the movement screen?

We set up your computer so that the Freedomology Coach can see your movement.  The coach will explain and guide you through the required movement.  Our coaches are experienced enough to be able to assess people without having to physically touch them.

How long are the coaching calls?

Each Skype or Coaching call is 30 minutes and is super focussed.  We cover off on a lot of information in this time and our aim is to give you a quality experience.  Each session will enhance your learning.

Will you provide meal plans?

No.  This program is about teaching YOU how to manage your own nutrition.  We will give you guidelines and will teach you how to focus on the right nutrition.  Simply giving you meal plans to follow will not help you to learn.  In our experience the most successful women are the ones who take a vested interest in learning about their body and the best foods for it.

This program is NOT about calorie counting, restricting calories or counting macros.  We will teach you how to eat intuitively and freely (if this freaks you out then you definitely NEED to do this program!!)

How are payments made?

Payments are made weekly over a 12 week period.  If you would like to pay for this in full please contact Nardia at info@nardianorman.com

This investment seems to be alot more than most online programs - why is that?

The answer to that is simple - this is NOT like other online programs.  Nardia and her coaches take the time to pour over your information, write you bespoke training programs and focus solely on you!  We all have extensive experience as face to face trainers so we understand the importance of 'personalisation'.  This is something we are proud of - bringing face to face personalisation to the online world.

Instead of viewing this from a 'cost' perspective think about how much value you are going to get.  What you learn over these 12 weeks will be priceless.

But, to put this into perspective, consider the following.  To work with Nardia one on one in a face to face Personal Training setting will cost around $140 for a 45 minute session!


If You Aren't Sure ...

If you've reached here and you still aren't sure what to do then we suggest that you jump on the phone with Nardia to discuss your concerns.

She is more than happy to talk you through the program in more detail and answer any questions you may have.

Simply click this booking link and schedule a time that suits.



Email:  info@nardianorman.com